Born in Detroit and raised in upstate New York, Dave Reinitz grew up working in the restaurant business and spent years traveling the country in an old motorhome before finally settling in Los Angeles. And after a couple of dear friends signed him up for a comedy class, he was forever changed.

Since then, Dave has performed in 6 countries and throughout the US alongside many of the biggest names in comedy. He has released 4 comedy specials: “Side Effects May Include” (2001), “Bowling for Common Sense” (2006), “Live in Bangladesh” (2014), and most recently, “Sharing” (2018). He has an eclectic set of credits including: “This American Life,” “Celebrity Near Death Experiences,” Hustler Magazine, and several appearances on “The Jimmy Dore Show.” Dave was also a founding member of the “Anti-War Comedy Tour,” and the “99% Funnies,” and produced and created the documentary, “The Women of Nostrand and Greene.”

In 2010, Dave and his business partner opened Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California, where he reminds us that he is a comedian with a club, not a club guy who does comedy.

Dave’s comedy has been described smart, insightful and his voice is relevant to the reality of today with social media, technology, tolerance, equality, global warming and fruit among the topics he touches on. His varied interests include politics, produce, baseball and economics, and when he isn’t doing comedy you may well find him playing softball, in his garden or crafting a protest of an injustice.

Currently, Dave Reinitz can be found touring the Western States in the “No Fuss Comedy Bus” (a full function mobile comedy club, where the bus becomes the backdrop).